Corvette Museum Sinkhole To Stick Around As Popular Tourist Attraction

The Corvette Museum sinkhole may be one of our nation's greatest tragedies, but it's had a strange unintended side effect: attendance and sinkhole-related merchandise sales at the Bowling Green, Kentucky museum have risen sharply. As such, the museum's board has decided to keep it around. » 6/26/14 3:30pm 6/26/14 3:30pm

The sinkhole Corvettes as they looked before the museum ate them

All things considered, the National Corvette Museum sinkhole disaster could have been a lot worse. Imagine, for instance, what might have been if the earth opened up when museum patrons were in the exhibit hall? And while what the cars look like now is getting lots of attention, we figured it might be worth … » 2/13/14 2:06pm 2/13/14 2:06pm

Here's Why A Kentucky Sinkhole Might Have Swallowed Those Corvettes

The Bowling Green, Kentucky area where the Corvette Museum is located sits in what is known as a karst area. This is an area where water slowly dissolves the native bedrock—usually limestone— in the subsurface. Once the bedrock is dissolved to a point, it is no longer structurally sound to support the weight of what… » 2/13/14 2:00pm 2/13/14 2:00pm