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Watch The Earth Open Up And Try To Swallow This Peruvian Family And Their Car

You’re a careful driver, right? I mean, you look where you want to go, you keep your hands on the wheel, you don’t text, all that good stuff, and that’s why you’re so safe. I get it. Now, tell me, Captain Safe, what do you do when the earth opens up under your car, like it did for this Peruvian family?


My plan of action involves the vigorous filling of pants.

A mom, dad, and their two-year-old daughter were driving in Trujilo, Peru, and had just stopped the car when the sinkhole opened beneath them and began to pull the car into the ground.


As if this wasn’t bad enough, the driver, Edgar Silva, said

“... we were scared, because water began to filter into the vehicle.”

That seems like a pretty good reason to be scared.

Luckily, passers-by did more than just record the alarming event on their phones; a makeshift rope was fashioned, and all three passengers were extracted from the car (I think it’s a Hyundai Eon? Hey, it doesn’t have a black-painted B-pillar!) without injuries beyond some scrapes and bruises.

It’s believed the sinkhole was caused by a burst sewer pipe, an explanation which I don’t think would do all that much to make me feel any better if the earth had just opened up and swallowed my family and our entire fucking car.


(via CarScoops)

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