Japan's Sinkhole Repair Game Is On Point

Looks like that 100-foot sinkhole that sucked down an entire intersection of city street in Fukuoka, Japan last week is already repaved and ready to be driven on. Those people must really have their shit together, because if this happened in Los Angeles someone would have strung up a rope and a warning sign and called it a day. Forever.


On November 8, the earth opened up a ravenous maw about 98 feet wide and 50 feet deep. By the 12th, it was all patched up with sand and cement and two days after that the power, water, sewer, gas and telecom lines were plugged in again, CNN reports.

Indeed, they have a great slider photo of the intersection before and after what looks like a damn fine fix-it job.

CNN cited Motohisa Oda, a crisis management officer from the city of Fukuoka, suggesting underground construction work for subway line expansion may have triggered the collapse. Meanwhile the city’s mayor Soichiro Takashima says the affected area is now 30 times stronger than before it sank. Apparently nobody was hurt when the gates of hell grabbed this piece of asphalt and dragged it into the Earth.

I guess when the world is plunged into a Gears Of War-style apocalyptic situation, Japan will be ready. Good job, team!

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Sheriff Of American Douchetown

Japan gets their shit done on time. They don’t need 18 months and 50 meetings to close a fucking hole. If this was the MTA, it’d take a 100 years to get done. Mean time, 50% of the workforce jerks off and gets paid overtime to do it. And then they come up with the fucking excuse that they have no money and need to raise fairs..again and again and again. Why? Cause it’s run by a bunch of bureaucrats who wouldn’t know what the term efficiency means, even if they looked it up in a dictionary.