Rolls-Royce Rolls Right Into A Sinkhole

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Rolls-Royce has a lamp that’ll show you how paint colors will look under the sun anywhere in the world, because you don’t want to design a $500,000 car only to have it look dingy in your driveway. But that lamp probably won’t show you how your car will look in a sinkhole, which is where this Rolls ended up.

There was no footage of the car before it landed in the sinkhole, but it’s safe to guess that it just... rolled in there. It’s also safe to guess that this owner’s rolls of dough are now a little lighter.


Alright, fine, the Mirror reports that the owner of this Rolls was at a stoplight in Harbin, a capital city in China, when it turned green and he went. The road caved in as his $560,000 car went over it and he climbed out of the driver-side window as the Rolls sunk into a 6-foot-deep sinkhole.

The sinkhole swallowed no other vehicles, all of which rolled on by after yellow barriers were put up around the car. According to the Mirror, police didn’t say what caused the sinkhole and the owner didn’t say how he’d approach the damage to his Rolls—including whether he’d take the issue up with local government officials.


There were no reports on whether a tear or two rolled... you know what, never mind.