Woman Wakes Up Just In Time To See The Ground Swallowing Her Car

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It must be incredibly confusing to wake up in the middle of the night to a loud bang only to rush outside and see the damn Earth swallowing your car in your own driveway.


That’s what happened to Mary Boone in Brooksville, Florida at around 3 a.m. Thursday. According to WFLA, a water main broke underneath Boone’s apartment, causing the sandy soil to wash out from under her driveway. Boone says she rushed out and tried to back the car out but couldn’t get it out of the hole.


As the hole began to get bigger, Boone got out of the car, injuring her ankle and leg. The hole eventually ended up being 11 feet wide and six feet deep, and both Boone and her neighbor were instructed they couldn’t stay in their apartments until the stability of the ground could be determined.

The hole isn’t the result of a natural sinkhole, so other neighbors shouldn’t have to worry too much about it happening again. It’s just pretty unlucky that the ground decided to open up right under a car in the driveway.

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