Fire Truck Plunges Into Crater As Storms Annihilate Southern California Roads

How bad were the recent storms in Southern California? Ask the owners of the cars that fell into sinkholes—including a fire truck—as rain pummeled the area’s roadways over the past few days.


Several vehicles fell into craters as roadways gave out during what local news reports have described as the strongest storms in years. Some counties were hit with as much as an inch of rain per hour, and while the storms started moving out of the region today, flash flood watches remain in effect for Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties through Sunday morning.

One of the craziest incidents was captured on video by ABC7, and it shows a San Bernardino County fire truck falling over the side of the 15 freeway in the Cajon Pass as the road gave out Friday evening. The Los Angeles Times also has daytime video of the aftermath.

Fortunately, firefighters had already exited the truck, and no injuries were reported.

It was bad elsewhere too. Two occupants narrowly escaped injury when their car fell into another 20-foot sinkhole off Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Studio City on Friday night, the LA Times reported. Here’s more video:

Have you been affected by the storms in the region? Stay safe out there, and be careful where you park your fire trucks.

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So in LA if it rains it’s a disaster, earthquake is a disaster, fires is a disaster, mudslide is a disaster, and if something contains gluten the nation guard is called in.

An inch of rain an hour isn’t that bad. I guess living in an area where there’s a lot of water doesn’t seem like a lot.