Top Gear USA Host Rutledge Wood Is Not A Cake-Eating Hipster

You'd think Rutledge Wood would have a chip on his shoulder, with all the crap he and his co-hosts get about Top Gear America. He doesn't. In fact, his family sends him links to all the horrible things people say about him and his co-hosts, and he just laughs. He's one funny, thick-skinned bastard with an awesome… »2/14/12 7:00pm2/14/12 7:00pm

Top Gear USA's Rutledge Wood buys a Buick Roadmaster wagon

One of my favorite challenges from the first season of Top Gear USA pitted the hosts against one another in their favorite abandoned GM products. Rutledge Wood took the prize in a Buick Roadmaster Estate (and not just because the other hosts picked cars from abandoned brands). Perhaps as a "Thank You" for that… »5/17/11 9:45am5/17/11 9:45am