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It's time for a little celebrity "Caption This" with none other than Top Gear USA star, funky wagon aficionado, and all around hilarious beard enthusiast Rutledge Wood. Joining him in this photo is giant loser-maker Jillian Michaels, Samantha Busch (Kyle Busch's wife), and those spectacular pink shorts.


Just to make things more interesting we're priming the pump a bit with some quotes from Rutledge himself upon seeing the photos:

"I can't see down your shirt from up here but you can see up my nose."
"Does pastel make my legs look this white or do my legs make my outfit look pastel?"
"Samantha Busch — who's next to me — is literally 1/3 my size. WTF?"
"If I die in this outfit, how will people believe that I wasn't in to dudes?"

Photo Credit: Getty Images Sport

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