Top Gear USA Host Rutledge Wood Conquers Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

Every year Toyota, a company that makes cars in a place called Japan, hosts a race where a bunch of celebrities and professionals race around in very reasonably priced cars (a Scion FR-S this year, for the first time) and then a nice amount of money is donated to charity.

This year in particular, a nice boy named Rutledge Wood who acquired his "celebrity" status primarily from his ownership of a Buick Roadmaster while simultaneously not being a hipster, won the famous-person portion of the race, despite his love of beards and pink short shorts.


Wood, who is actually the host of Top Gear USA and from the video above clearly has wet underpants, won $15,000 for Victory Junction, a camp in North Carolina for children with chronic medical conditions and serious illnesses. We applaud him for that.

Other famous-person Adam Carolla actually won the "pro" part of the race, improving on his win last year of the celebrity class.

Sadly, this may be the last year of the Toyota Celebrity/Professional Grand Prix, as the company has announced they are dropping their sponsorship after 37 years and over $2 million raised.


Let's hope, at least for the kids' sake, that it continues for long into the future. It's a fun event and definitely has done great work. Even if that means you have to listen to Rutledge say he "loves People."

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congrats boys! Nice to see that, even though we lost in the ratings, the car show beats Top Gear on the race track. I kid. Sort of.