Since 1977, Toyota has pitted race car drivers against the stars in their Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. It's all for charity, it's only 10 laps, and they do it in fairly innocuous cars like the Celica and Scion tC. Until now.

Toyota has announced that starting this year, the race will be run in the Scion FR-S, which unlike its predecessors, is rear-wheel-drive and actually takes some skill to race. The race has used front-wheel-drive cars since the Celica adopted that setup in the mid-80s.

This means that this year's Pro/Celebrity Race could feature a few of our favorite starts sliding into walls and/or each other. The whole thing should be a hell of a lot more fun to watch now. 

Previous celebrity winners include Frankie Muniz, James Brolin, Josh Brolin, Alfonso "Carlton" Ribiero (twice), Keanu Reaves, and perhaps most notably, American patriot/crazy person Ted Nugent. 


I can't wait to see who takes home the glory this year and who destroys the FR-S' back end in a failed drifting attempt. 

Photos credit Brian Williams/Toyota