UAW President Ron Gettelfinger Flying To DC, Hates American Taxpayers?

Jeff Gilbert with WWJ 950 AM had a chance to talk to UAW President Ron Gettelfinger just minutes ago after a meeting with UAW local heads on reexamination of their contracts (including nixing of the Jobs Bank, as we'd predicted) with the not-so-Big Three. Gilbert asked him what he'd be doing next. His response? He's… »12/03/08 1:15pm12/03/08 1:15pm

UAW, Obama Riding McCain On Owning Foreign Cars Like Rest Of Country

Sen. John McCain »9/23/08 12:06pm9/23/08 12:06pm took heat yesterday from UAW president Ron Gettelfinger for three of his thirteen vehicles being foreign-made. Now McCain's taking heat from the Obama campaign in a new attack ad so heavily protectionism-flavored, it's a good thing the ad's just running in the Great Lakes state. Yes, Michigan, a land…

UAW Chairman Ron Gettelfinger Makes It Clear: "The UAW Is On Strike"

We've been talking to a few PR folks from the General today — trying to make heads or tails of the impact of the UAW's decision to hit the picket lines against GM. And each one of them told me they didn't believe the UAW had actually gone on strike and that it was some kind of a mistake or something. The cacophony of… »9/24/07 12:58pm9/24/07 12:58pm

Tom LaSorda And Ron Gettelfinger Shake Hands, Agree To Try And Play Nice: Take Two

Thanks to Nick Bunkley over at the New York Times, we're hearing the handshake between Tom LaSorda and Ron Gettelfinger was so nice they allowed the photographers to take it twice. We're told it was to accommodate the crushing numbers of folks seeking to snap a shot of history in action. We, on the other hand, think… »7/21/07 1:15pm7/21/07 1:15pm

Gettelfinger Says UAW Needs To Give Cerberus-Backed Chrysler Some Cheddar Back

The chieftain of the UAW was asked this morning by a local Detroit radio station whether the UAW was prepared to meet with Chrysler desires for health care concessions equivalent to those given to FoMoCo and the General. His response was "we do need to find a way to fix the problem there now that Chrysler is in a… »6/18/07 11:15am6/18/07 11:15am

Continuing The Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: What Gettelfinger Wants, Gettelfinger Gets!

For every new day it seems like we're getting more and more speculation, rumor and non-news on the potential for a Chrysler Group sale. Today's batch comes over the back fence to us from Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal. The Journal's reporting that the more-equal-than-others side of the German-American… »3/13/07 3:00pm3/13/07 3:00pm

UAW's Gettelfinger Waxes On Ford, Gives No Opinion On Chrysler-GM Combo

Apparently the way UAW head honcho Ron Gettelfinger sees it, there's really nothing to say about this whole GM-buying-Chrysler bug everyone's caught. Earlier today on WJR Radio in Detroit, the chieftain of the auto workers said "I have absolutely no opinion on that at all...It may end up that it's not sold. Who… »2/21/07 4:55pm2/21/07 4:55pm

Gettelfinger As Soup Nazi: "No More Concessions For Delphi!"

Well, it's close enough to warrant the picture — but can you blame the UAW chief? Ron's watched as 54,000 of his members took early retirement or forced to take up to a 50% cut in salary — while at the same time, 467 white-collared workers received a bonus for you know, not letting the company slide into the darkness… »10/10/06 1:48pm10/10/06 1:48pm