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UAW, Obama Riding McCain On Owning Foreign Cars Like Rest Of Country

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sen. John McCain took heat yesterday from UAW president Ron Gettelfinger for three of his thirteen vehicles being foreign-made. Now McCain's taking heat from the Obama campaign in a new attack ad so heavily protectionism-flavored, it's a good thing the ad's just running in the Great Lakes state. Yes, Michigan, a land that unlike the rest of the nation, remains a magical place where American cars still outsell foreign cars. While the overtones of protectionism are strong, the nuts n' bolts of the ad are all about whether McCain's just a no-good dirty flip-flopper. Gettelfinger claims a recent article by Newsweek's Keith Naughton contradicts McCain's statement that he has proudly bought American-made cars all his life. Registration records show among McCain's 13 vehicles are a Honda sedan, a drop-top Volkswagen and Cindy's personal Lexus, while his campaign also states that the Republican presidential nominee is a proud Buick Cadillac owner. We assume McCain meant that he's proudly bought American cars all his life, but not just American cars. After all, that's a lot of years to have never taken a dip in the import pool. McCain's also been questioned by reporters about whether a Toyota Prius his daughter owns was purchased by her or by Daddy McCain. McCain responded by first saying he purchased it, and then later saying he could not remember whether he'd bought the car himself. Gettelfinger reiterated "Americans are free to buy whatever they choose," presumably clearing his throat while saying "as long as it's made in the USA by union workers and you're not a presidential candidate pandering for votes in the rust belt." Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and his wife currently share a Ford Escape Hybrid, which, along with the Obama's previous Jeep Grand Cherokee, and HEMI-powered Chrysler 300C apparently receive an approving wink and touch of the nose from the UAW. And in Michigan, that's all you normally need. [Detroit News; Photo Credit: PoliticsUSA]