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Yeah, Barack Obama's Got A HEMI!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Presidential wannabe Barack Obama came to Detroit earlier this week and hammered on Detroit automakers for spending too much time focusing on horsepower rather than fuel efficiency. Here's an example of his lovely comments:

"For years, while foreign competitors were investing in more fuel-efficient technology for their vehicles, American automakers were spending their time investing in bigger, faster cars,"

In addition, Obama spent the better part of his remarks criticizing US automakers for not building more hybrid vehicles like Toyota and Honda. Well, we're glad to see Obama's shifting the blame from the consumer to the automakers. That must explain why the Illinois Senator and Presidential candidate owns a HEMI-powered V8 Chrysler 300C. Obviously it's Chrysler's fault Obama bought a big 5.7-liter engine from them — he just didn't have a choice.


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