Gettelfinger As Soup Nazi: "No More Concessions For Delphi!"

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Well, it's close enough to warrant the picture — but can you blame the UAW chief? Ron's watched as 54,000 of his members took early retirement or forced to take up to a 50% cut in salary — while at the same time, 467 white-collared workers received a bonus for you know, not letting the company slide into the darkness during bankruptcy. So we guess we can understand why the guy'd be of the opinion that:

"If you take the supplemental agreement and the attrition package that they have in place, that puts the company where they need to be by any stretch of the imagination...there's nothing else left for us to negotiate."


Guess that mean's Delphi will actually have to sell some products this year rather than look for white-collar workers getting bonuses via the old fashioned way — wringing it out of union workers pay stubs.

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