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Our friends at GotDetroit got the right idea on the Delphi bankruptcy court hearings — pointing out the lunacy inherent in the two arguments made by Delphi and their customer/friend International Truck and Engine. We'll let Will over there explain:

"Delphi Corp. customer begs court to not allow Delphi to shut down the American auto industry...begging results in pay bonus for Delphi (non-union) white collar types."


To be fair, Delphi admits their white-collar employees are paid under the average industry wage levels — but that made sense to us because Delphi's profits are kinda under the average industry profit levels.

Coffee Jottings: Delphi executives to start simply spitting on blue collar workers [GotDetroit]

Breaking! Delphi Asks Judge To Screw UAW In An Extremely Uncomfortable Place [internal]

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