Breaking! UAW Strike At Delphi Still An Option

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Ron Gettelfinger, UAW President and potential next spokesperson for "Just For Men Gel", responded to questions from reporters today during a break in a hearing on Chinese trade practices at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The most important question asked was whether the UAW Prez saw a strike as a possibility. Ron's response:

"We have not ruled out any of our options...I think the attrition package got them where they [Delphi] need to be, and they act like nothing has changed."


Also, Gettelfinger did say yes to the question of whether there would be more meetings before August 11th, the date of postponement of more hearings on Delphi's bankruptcy restructuring. He gave no indication as to whether he'd be bringing danishes or bagels. Our bet? Bagels.

UAW president says Delphi strike still a possibility [Detroit News]

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