UAW: Senate GOP Voted Against Bailout To Strike "Blow Against Organized Labor"

At a press conference today, UAW President Ron Gettelfinger read an e-mail indicating Senate GOP members played political games, voting against the auto bailout bill as an attack against organized labor.

UAW President Ron Gettelfinger read an e-mail he claimed was from Senate GOP staffers indicating the Senate GOP was trying to deliver a blow to organized labor and the UAW. The alleged e-mail states:

"Republicans should stand firm and take their first blow against organized labor rather than from it...again, the hardest thing for the Democrats to do is get 60 votes. If we can hold the Republicans, we can beat this."

Later in the press conference, Gettelfinger claimed the Republican minority in the Senate voted against cloture on the Senate bill as an attack on the UAW due to their political effectiveness against their membership.

Alex Taylor on CNBC put this whole debate over UAW wages, whatever they may be, into perspective as he said labor cost per car are really only about $800 per car, so even if the UAW were to work for free, it wouldn't save GM from failing in the month of December.


Thank you Senate Republicans, for putting politics in front of staving off Carpocalypse Now. [via CNBC]

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You know who the real losers are in all of this? That's right- losers. Gettelfinger gets paid no matter what, and even if he shits the table, he'll get a nice going away gift if he has to leave the position. The Senators, Republican and Democrat, are well paid, get awesome free healthcare and apparently can get away with major crimes with little retribution. What do they care?

But the rest of us schmucks are getting screwed while the Southern Conservatives try and bend the UAW over because they support the left. We need a union to protect us from the unions, and a constitutional amendment requiring all elected officials to be fitted with a shock collar that can be activated by any constituent whenever they act like a butthole.

It seems like while these ass-breaths fight their little fights and puff out their chests in indignation over how things are said rather than listening to the people who entrusted them with these important decisions, we're all planning on telling the kids that maybe next year the holidays won't suck.

I don't want to give the automakers free money so they can keep the board of directors in Bourbon and Hookers, but I don't want to see 3 million line workers, engineers and other folks just trying to get by thrown out of work due to some petty battle between the UAW and the GOP. Knowhatamean?