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We just received a hot-off-the-wires report from the WSJ that the UAW is currently in talks with some of the not-so-Big Three to kill the "Jobs Bank" program. The program, a bane of contention by everyone but the UAW and it's membership since the inception of unionized labor at automakers, basically pays workers when they're not working. Good for the membership? Sure. Good for the automakers? Not so much. Good for everyone's image? Not in the least.


Although UAW officials and their allies counter the banks have been an effective way to keep a flexible job pool available and allow the companies to implement new technology while reducing overall numbers responsibly. More view that as complete hogwash.

Not much is known as of yet about specifics on the discussions. As of now we've only got a wire service report from the Journal telling us:

"The United Auto Workers union is in talks with some of Detroit's Big Three auto makers to stop a program that pays idled workers - WSJ"


Guess we'll have to wait for more. You'll hear it as soon as we hear it.

[via WSJ]

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