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UAW President Ron Gettelfinger Flying To DC, Hates American Taxpayers?

Illustration for article titled UAW President Ron Gettelfinger Flying To DC, Hates American Taxpayers?

Jeff Gilbert with WWJ 950 AM had a chance to talk to UAW President Ron Gettelfinger just minutes ago after a meeting with UAW local heads on reexamination of their contracts (including nixing of the Jobs Bank, as we'd predicted) with the not-so-Big Three. Gilbert asked him what he'd be doing next. His response? He's heading to the airport tomorrow morning. That's right, while the CEOs of each of the U.S. automakers are driving to tomorrow's Congressional hearing, Ron'll be flying the friendly skies to Washington, DC. Apparently either the UAW hates the American taxpayer or Ron's just not so much into symbolic gestures given he doesn't have a corporate jet.


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Ash78, voting early and often

You see that 737, man? You know who makes that plane? Boeing! And you know you who used to run Boeing? F*cking Alan Mulally, man! Now, you know what other industry is failing because of union strangleholds? Yep, airlines, dig? So here you've got the leader of a car union, flying a plane built and flown by other unionists under the rule of a class of his so-called white-collar oppressors! This sh*t is getting freaky, man. Pass it this way. Don't bogard.