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UAW Strikes GM! First Pictures Of The US Automotive Industry Teetering On The Precipice Of Something

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This image was lost some time after publication.

We shot up to Lansing last night in preparation for the strike (OK, that's not true — we came up here to go to a friend's birthday, but whatevs) and captured these first shots of the UAW on strike out front of the General Motors Lansing Grand River Assembly. It's here that the Cadillac CTS is built, and it's here where GM's UAW workforce just jumped off the assembly line and onto the picket line. It's a strike, baby — and we've no idea yet what all this means but we're all a-tizzy with excitement. Look there are signs! Look there are big, burly men! Heck, look — there are big, burly women too! Striking sure looks fun!


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Just because I brought it up, an excerpt from the book Rivethead that seems apropos

"It's one thing to be harangued by those who have gone before- the forebears, the sit-down strikers, the providers of the torch, my very own grandfather- but to be put through the verbal shredder by townsfolk who've never even seen the innard of an auto factory, well, that was a different matter. Their pious deductions always made me squirm.

The total farce of it all is that given our jobs, these same moany denizens would be lined up right next to us at the gate. They'd lose that sacred work ethic baloney and clasp on to Louie's coveralls faster than you can say "the mercury reads 118 in the Paint Department tonight." Keep in mind, the grass is always greener on the other side until it's your turn to jump the fence and chop the shit down."