2008 Auto Repo Rate Highest Ever, Repo Men Now Worried About Their Jobs

Vehicle repossessions are expected to rise 15% this year from 2007 due to the continuing economic meltdown, says an executive vice president of customer strategies at ADESA Inc., a vehicle auction company, in Automotive News »10/14/08 12:00pm10/14/08 12:00pm today. So why are repo men complaining? Apparently banks and lenders are facing so many…

Your Plymouth Pursued By Repo Men In A DeSoto? Hide By The Isotta-Fraschini!

All the film geeks say that Sunset Boulevard is one of the best movies ever made, and they're right. You hear a lot of talk about Norma Desmond's Isotta-Fraschini, but what about the repo-ripe '46 Plymouth driven by Joe Gillis in the beginning of the film (not to mention the '48 DeSoto belonging to the repo men)? We… »6/17/08 4:20pm6/17/08 4:20pm

Create The Best Transmission Name, Get Fabulous Prizes!

We love contests, so what better way to brighten the gloom of that ol' Monday salt mine than by thinking up the ultimate cool transmission name? Those of you who have been following the Cool Transmission Name Of The Day series have no doubt looked at names such as Toyoglide and Dynaflow and said to yourselves, "Hey, I… »6/09/08 11:40am6/09/08 11:40am

Project Car Hell, Repo Man Edition: J. Frank or Bud?

For the first time in Project Car Hell history, yesterday saw a Porsche lose a challenge against a non-Porsche! For today, I was going to reach into the PCH Mailbag and pull out one of the excellent tips y'all have been sending in, but then it happened: I was walking down Howard Street in San Francisco earlier today… »12/07/07 5:30pm12/07/07 5:30pm

Identify This Mystery Car, Now With Fresh-Smelling Prize Potential!

It took a couple long, agonizing days for our loyal readers to identify our last Mystery Car, a '54 Fiat 8V, so this time we're going with something a little less cruel; someone is going to start yelling "Ooh! Ooh!" and jumping up and down pretty soon after seeing this very distinctive component... we think. Better… »10/19/07 8:30am10/19/07 8:30am

Identify This Mystery Car, Now With Super Prize Potential!

We've done a couple of Ennui Countermeasure contests, including the Mystery Mercury and Dastardly Datsun, but now things have changed. Now we've managed to convince the all-powerful Gawker Overlords to spring for an actual prize for the car-obsessed freakola automotive expert who identifies the car in the photograph… »8/20/07 8:30am8/20/07 8:30am