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I say Alex Cox's Repo Man stands as The Greatest Car Movie Of All Time. His latest film- which should be released this year, Hollywood politics permitting- might turn out to be the Greatest Toy Car Movie Of All Time.


Most of the sets in Repo Chick were created as HO scale models, with the actors (some of whom you'll recognize as Repo Man veterans) green-screened in. Cars, trucks, trains, junkyards, post-Financiopocalypse industrial wastelands- they're all there, in that weird model-car perspective we all hallucinated after breathing too many Testors fumes while building awesome model kits as young hoons.

According to Mr. Cox, Repo Chick isn't a sequel to Repo Man; in his words, a RM seqel

would be the further adventures of two middle-aged men driving a beaten-up Chevy across the firmament. REPO CHICK is something new for me: a girly film, and a new take on the age-old crisis of capitalism, or, how to make the most money out of fleecing the poor.


We can't see the whole movie yet, but we can watch the trailer!

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