So after I posted the inspiring Fresh As A Junkyard Breeze Little Tree Air Freshener Movie last week, I got a pleasant email from a marketing manager at the Little Tree Air Freshener Empire Headquarters. It turns out they're watching us closely for our opinions of their fine line of tree-shaped automotive air fresheners, which means we're important tastemakers now!

Of course, I responded to her email with my sure-to-be-a-big-hit suggestion for a new flavor of Little Tree: The "British Car Smell" Little Tree, which is printed with a Union Jack and smells like burning wire insulation, with a hint of mildewed carpeting. I also suggested a full line of "You'll Find One In Every Car" trees, each printed with a different "Repo Man" character. Imagine, you could have Bud, Miller, Lite, Otto, J. Frank Parnell, Los Hermanos Rodriguez, Archie... I know I'd buy 'em all! So, given that their product-development and marketing staffs will no doubt read each and every one of your suggestions, let's have 'em!