Four-Year-Old Leaps From Repo'd Excursion

Illustration for article titled Four-Year-Old Leaps From Repod Excursion

A Repo Man's life is always intense, but a line of some sort gets crossed when he reeps a car with the owner's kid still inside. Four-year-old Fashawn Parker, of Naperville, IL, was in the Excursion when the crew from Helping Hand Acceptance rolled up with a tow truck. The kid figured he'd better get out, so he jumped out of the truck when the tow driver slowed for a construction zone; fortunately, he wasn't badly hurt. [WBBM]

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Yeah, there'll probably be about a thousand letters from angry soccer moms flooding in to the Naperville Sun right now, though I can't tell if they'd be more angry about a mom losing her SUV or the kid still in it.

Regardless, I do think it's absolutely hilarious that this happened in Naperville, of all places.