Identify This Mystery Car, Now With Super Prize Potential!

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We've done a couple of Ennui Countermeasure contests, including the Mystery Mercury and Dastardly Datsun, but now things have changed. Now we've managed to convince the all-powerful Gawker Overlords to spring for an actual prize for the car-obsessed freakola automotive expert who identifies the car in the photograph above...


Since there's a prize involved, we've made this one a bit more difficult than the last couple. This car was photographed for an upcoming post in the Down On The Street series, so it's a car that was found parked on the streets of Alameda. Thus, you can be assured that you're not going to bust your brain trying to ID a ZAZ, Maepsy, SEAT, Proton, Fiero-based kit car, or some other never-guess-in-a-million-years machine. First commenter to correctly identify the complete Year, Make, and Model of the car in this photograph wins...

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A genuine Little Tree Air Freshener costume, made from all-unnatural polyfoam! Imagine the possibilities! Next time you go to a Repo Man costume party, you'll stand out from all the unimaginative Ottos and Buds and J. Frank Parnells as you solemnly utter "You'll find one of me in every car, kid. You'll see." See, folks, when we give away a prize here on the Jalop, we give away a freakin' prize! Remember, it's not enough to get close, you need to nail down year, make, and model; e.g., if the car is a 1981 Pontiac Phoenix, you don't win if you say "OMG IT'S A PHOENIX ALL UR PRIZE R BELONG TO ME!" All that will do is clue in the other commenters, the quickest of whom will give the complete answer, then swoop in to snatch the Little Tree costume from your eager paws, condemning you to months of what-might-have-been self-torture.


I am Jack's complete lack of compassion

Yeah, it's an Opel GT. Very sneaky not to make the picture large enough to see if there are the louvers forward of the hood bulge.

I loved the GT, I remember I first saw it in 'Get Smart', then my uncle bought a hideous orange-barf colored one.

So, it's either a

68 Opel GT

69 Opel GT

70 Opel GT

71 Opel GT

72 Opel GT

or a 73.

It's not an MGC, the MGC had the bulge across most of the bonnet.