Illustration for article titled Repo Man Recovering Delorean Kicked In Taint By Michael Jackson Impersonator

We saw this video hours ago and we're still trying to recover from the sheer WTF-ness of it. Suffice to say the headline delivers as promised. Also, there is no hope for humanity.


If you've been around Jalopnik for more than a few days, you know we're no strangers to the bizarre, but we're having a hard time writing at the moment because this whole thing is so utterly ridiculous we're laughing like idiots just thinking about it. A Michael Jackson-inspired dance throw-down ahead of kicking a very large repo man in the taint? Really? You have to see it to believe it below. It's around 1:50 in when the taint-kicking occurs.
Click to viewSweet mercy, we need some air or we're gonna pass the hell out from laughing. Let's just say we never imagined when we went into the auto-blogging business, there would ever be a need for a "kicked in the taint" tag. Whether real or not, it's really hilarious. [StupidVideos]


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