Using A Porsche 911 Shift Knob To Hold Ice Cream Is A Baller Move

Someone at Tuthill Porsche is a hero. François Delecour drove the team’s Porsche 911 R-GT well enough in shakedown for WRC Rallye Deutschland that he got an ice cream cone. Turns out, that cone can also fit in the shift knob. Drivers love ice cream: fact. This is pure genius. » 8/20/15 10:00pm 8/20/15 10:00pm

Kelsey MC2: The Road Legal, Homebuilt Rally Car That's Too Fast for the WRC

You wouldn’t believe it at first look, but this is not a Peugeot 206 207 WRC car. This car was built from the chassis on up, from scratch, by a 22 year old rally driver named Alex Kelsey. It weighs just 1,000 KG (2,200 lbs) and makes 450 HP to all four wheels from a Renaultsport V6 out of a Formula 2 car. Only the… » 8/17/15 2:54pm 8/17/15 2:54pm

Why You Should've Been At One Of The Best American Rallies In Years

Not knowing whether the man you shook hands with three hours ago broke down in-transit from stage to stage or rolled into a ditch is a frightening situation. When you’re out on a stage with no cell service and no other informative resource, all you’re left to do is guess and assume the worst. » 8/07/15 6:15pm 8/07/15 6:15pm

More Power, Bigger Wings, Bigger Turbos: WRC In 2017 Is Going To Rule

Along with yesterday’s Formula One tweaks, the World Motor Sport Council also approved new technical and homologation requirements for the 2017-2019 World Rally Championship Cars. What’s coming in 2017? More power, more insane bodywork, and bigger turbos. The future looks awesome. » 7/11/15 2:03pm 7/11/15 2:03pm

Tons Of Classic Rally Cars? Tons Of Classic Rally Cars!

It’s a fact only known by a few million people that if had too much of all the classic and brand new tarmac fighters at the Goodwood Festival of Speed’s Hillclimb Course, you can jump on a tractor to check out some of the coolest rally cars racing further up the hill. Here are most of those. » 7/10/15 4:34pm 7/10/15 4:34pm