You Can Start Streaming A New Colin McRae Documentary ASAP

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25 years ago today, November 22, 1995, Scottish rally driver Colin McRae climbed out of his royal blue Subaru Impreza the youngest ever World Champion. And you can stream a new documentary about the whole affair called Colin McRae: 25 Years a Champion.


Clocking in at a half hour long, this documentary is available to watch on WRC+, the World Rally Championship’s dedicated streaming service. A monthlong subscription will run you about $10, with a yearlong subscription costing $100—and I do have to say that it’s worth the cost. I’m not the kind of person who’s going to pay extra money to stream something I can find easily on TV or the Internet, but WRC is one of those racing series that can be tough to follow without a dedicated service. And you get really good shit as a bonus, like the new McRae documentary.

The documentary is short, so you’re not going to get a ton of detail about McRae that you didn’t know before—the whole point is to really delve into that 1995 season. McRae’s father Jimmy, his daughter Holly, and Prodrive boss David Richards talk about that year, what McRae’s success meant, and in some cases relive the era by being reunited with the winning L555 BAT machine.

One of my favorite quotes is a touching one from daughter Holly, who offers insight into what it was like to live with such a successful father. It’s the first time she’s actually openly spoken about her father, who died in a helicopter crash when she was young, alongside her five-year-old brother:

For the first eight years of my life, I didn’t really know Colin McRae the world champion driver. I just knew him as dad, and that’s all he was. Occasionally he would go and do some pretty out there things, but to me he was just dad.

He would go off and do some pretty cool things and come back with some great stories, but when he was around the house he was just like anybody else’s dad. He was loving, he was caring. That’s what still sticks with me.

It’s a great documentary, worth the $10 splurge (and with the added bonus that you get access to a whole wealth of excellent rally footage before your WRC+ subscription runs out).


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