It Is Imperative I Buy The 1992 STI Collection From Subaru

Group A rallying was certainly the golden era for homologation specials. That is, road-legal cars that served to homologate race-ready parts for competition. But that’s not all regular people could buy.


Every year, Jalopnik’s most Chosen members – well, just me this year – have brought you the very best of Group C and GT1 racing from the 1980s and 1990s. We even did a Group B rally theme once. But for some reason we’ve never covered arguable the most successful racing formula of all. It’s the awkwardly-titled Group A-smas, worthy of celebration.

This is the 1992 STI Collection from Subaru. It is far from the only piece of car clothing a person could or can buy. Go to any WRC event (or dial up WRC.comshould say) and there are all kinds of race-related hats, shirts, sunglasses, and keychains you can pick up. There’s even a watch you can buy, for some reason.

But are any of these items beautiful pink v-neck sweaters? No, they are not.

Wonderfully, this fashion catalogue is kept on the excellent PlayWithLegacyRS page, which also collects all of the various other racing-related literature on offer from Subaru through the years. Here, for instance, is the STI parts catalog of the same year, and here is the same for 1990. You see a Subaru Legacy sliding through a forest dirt road. With some STI skidplates, engine and diff mounts, sway bars, bushings, struts, roll cage, steering wheel, and stickers, you’ll be set to do the same!

The PlayWithLegacyRS page is actually pretty great, with lots of very excellent brochures. There’s a full one discussing its campaign in the 28th Safari Rally, for instance.


In any case, it is imperative that I get my hands on a full set of this ‘92 rally gear. I’m confused, honestly, why Subaru doesn’t still sell this gear to this day.



It’s not pink, it's cherry blossom red.