Jalopnik Is Getting Artsy In Art Of Rally On Twitch At 4 p.m. ET

Low-poly visuals and high-powered slides, what's better than that?

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Gif: Steve DaSilva

Welcome back to Stream Day at Jalopnik! I spent our usual timeslot last week buying a motorcycle, so I missed all the smiling faces (or, usernames) in chat. This week, however, we’re back — that’s right, you’re all stuck with me once again.

In face, you’re stuck with me sans Adam, as Jalopnik’s resident retro gaming enthusiast is off at a press event doing neat stuff in cool cars. But in his memory honor, we’ll be playing a game with all the retro aesthetics you could ever want: Art of Rally.

art of rally - Launch Trailer - OUT NOW!

I’ve wanted to play this game for months, but only today realized that it’s on Game Pass. Prepare yourself for some fun music, vintage rally cars, and a lot of me sliding into trees as I learn the controls. Like I said, I got the game today.


My few minutes of practice have taught me that Art of Rally has a physics engine more sophisticated than its simple visuals would lead you to expect. For a game built around sliding, drifting your car through low-traction corners, it certainly doesn’t make things easy on the driver. Understeer abounds, and proper weight transfer is key.

Come hang out on our Twitch channel at 4 p.m. ET today, as Andy, Lalita, and I joke, chat, and argue over the backdrop of some serious vintage rally vibes. Will Andy stir his yogurt? How long will the inevitable, traditional, Bad Dragon mention take to surface? Will our conversations find anything even resembling rails, in the absence of Adam to guide us back to the game? There’s only one way to find out: Click the link, tune in, and watch Jalopnik play Art of Rally on Twitch.