Watch A Ford MkII Escort Take On A 2011 Ford Fiesta Rally Car

Ever wondered how a 1980 Ford Mk11 Escort would fare in a rally battle against technology nearly 30 years more advanced? Well, have we got the video for you.

Elfyn Evans, the young driver behind the wheel, finished second in the World Rally Championship standings this year. He led the Championship for the first time in his career, but an off-track excursion saw him forced to settle for second overall.

But, hey—that’s far better than I think any of us can claim, and it’s Evans’ best finish in the WRC Championship, despite an aggressively shortened year. So, why not celebrate with an old video where Evans puts a classic racer to the test against a 2011 WRC machine.


Gwyndaf Evans is Elfyn’s father and 1996 British Rally Champion. He’s the one behind the wheel of the 1980 Ford at the start—a fitting testament to the kind of machinery he might have run in his career.

This video was filmed nine years ago by Jeremy Hart at Timbuktu Content, and it’s some really fun stuff. Both father and son get a chance to race the machinery available to them.

I can probably guess that most folks watching this video are going to prefer the old Escort (there’s no shame; most of the people in the comments section do, too). But I’m thinking it’s just as fun to watch the back-and-forth, to see two generations of drivers take on two generations of cars.

And, hell, since you’re here, why not enjoy some other Ford MkII beauty?

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