I Just Lost $25,500 On My Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 And I Couldn't Be Happier

There’s a saying: money isn’t made when you sell, it’s made when you buy, meaning that it pays to get something cheap if that thing carries future value. This notion also presents a very unique problem in that parting with said cheaply acquired item can be excruciating, especially when it’s a Caracas Red 1999… »9/01/15 3:44pm9/01/15 3:44pm


How I Bought And Sold Maybe The Last Stock Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 

When a rare opportunity presents itself to you in such a way that it must be too good to be true, get out - it’s clearly a bait car, you idiot. However, when something comes along that’s just on the cusp of believable, then it’s up to you to carpe the shit out of that diem. This is one of those times. »6/16/15 3:51pm6/16/15 3:51pm

This Classic Ford Bronco Was Pulled Out Of A Junkyard To Race Baja Again

The motorstorm of retro off-road awesomeness that is the NORRA Mexican 1000 takes over Baja next week. Among this year’s competitors is this badass Bronco; it won the race almost forty years ago, ended up a derelict in a desert junkyard, and is returning with a legendary driver and a fresh restoration. »4/24/15 6:25pm4/24/15 6:25pm

Here's How I Painted My $400 Lexus SC300 With Zero Experience

Mechanical work to some people is the knuckle-splitting, swear-inducing bane of their existence. For me, it's a relaxing source of satisfaction. Body work, however, is like volunteering to be a rower on a Viking slave ship - tiring and tedious with no end in sight. Without further ado, here's how I prepped and… »3/20/15 3:58pm3/20/15 3:58pm

How I Installed A JDM Twin-Turbo Engine In My $400 Lexus SC300

There's a scientifically proven formula for making cars better: Add power until something breaks. If nothing breaks, you haven't added enough power. This notion is what can turn ordinary rental fleet cars into the Charger Hellcat, and it's exactly the reason why I decided to give my cheapo Lexus the turbocharged… »3/11/15 3:56pm3/11/15 3:56pm

Cars And Characters At This Apocalyptic Hellscape Party Are Terrifying

I'd describe "Wasteland Weekend" as "Burning Man" with a post-apocalyptic anarchy theme, but I think that might be redundant. It does take the Mad Max thing to a whole 'nother level though; with a fleet of horrifying cars and weapon-clad characters that just looks like... a lot of fun. »10/09/14 4:20pm10/09/14 4:20pm

Here's What It's Like To Own A Crazy Rare Mitsubishi 3000GT

Writing for Jalopnik certainly has its perks. For example, it allows me to have a comfortable breakfast in bed while hundreds call me an idiot for saying a Ferrari is a supercar. But on rare occasions, there emerges something truly special, in the form of a super rare '90s Japanese muscle car. Here's what that's like. »9/25/14 3:16pm9/25/14 3:16pm

Starting A Vehicle Restoration Project: A Fierce Whirlwind Of Emotions

Project Car Hell isn't so much a place, as it is a state of mind. Actually, it sort of is a place. A place where you're damned to be wrenching and fighting rust until the end of eternity against a restoration project of impossible odds. Well, I've just swam across the River Styx. »8/20/14 3:27pm8/20/14 3:27pm

How To Destankify Your Car Cheaply And Without Chemicals

Sometimes you find the perfect vehicle, but the interior leaves a little bit to be desired. Mint interiors where the previous owner smoked like a chimney. Project cars that must've sat in a swamp for the past ten years. You know...the stank. Fortunately, reducing the amount of odor is fairly simple and doesn't have… »7/16/13 2:22pm7/16/13 2:22pm

Screw CrossFit, Buy An Old Car If You Want To Get In Shape

Every time we pass a CrossFit gym, my friend Desi says, "Man, I've got tires, pallets and all kinds of stuff to carry around and hammer on in my yard. I could totally open one of these." Having picked up another 944 to (inevitably) injure myself with, I know exactly the kind of heavy lifting to get paying customers… »7/05/13 10:00am7/05/13 10:00am