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Tired: Porsche 911 Safari rally cars. Wired: Porsche 356 rally cars lovingly restored by stylish French guys. Holy moly, this rakish ’59 P-car is a thing of beauty and the story behind it is even better.

People who don’t speak French will have to turn on subtitles for this one.

In quite possibly the best short car video Petrolicious has produced to date, you will hear about how this father and son found and restored this “auratium green” 1959 356A Type 2 over hundreds and hundreds of labor hours after following a trail of spilled gas to the barn where it was residing.


Sounds like these guys not only got to spend a lot of time together during the build, but they also made some great friends in the automotive community along the way and the result is a ravishingly beautiful little car.

I wish more people would stop sticking LEDs and LS engines in old vehicles and rebuild them like this.


If you’re as smitten with the thing as I am, you can see even more pictures and backstory over on Petrolicious.

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