How To Make A Quick, Makeshift Popemobile

See that column of black smoke up in the sky? That means all those Cardinals still haven't picked a new Pope. That also means you still have a chance, if you're a male Catholic. It won't be easy — this year's race to the right hand of God is hotly contested, with some serious celebrity endorsements. Like Dennis Rodman, … » 3/13/13 1:15pm 3/13/13 1:15pm

The Pope Wants An Electric Popemobile

The Vatican's saying the Pope would prefer an electric-powered Popemobile over his current fleet of carbon-emitting holy rollers. Unfortunately, no one's offered him one, confirming our belief that the Holy Father's not as powerful or resourceful as Neil Young. [WashingtonPost] » 12/01/10 4:30pm 12/01/10 4:30pm

New Popemobile a Drop-Top Geländewagen

It's a da freakin Popemobile! In addition to his M and S-Class, Mercedes has put together another ride for the Pope. This "Fair Weather Popemobile" is a new G 500 with the top shaved off and a specialty roll/hold bar for the Holy Father. We know it's hot, just try and stay off it, for your own safety. We're not joking on … » 12/05/07 9:45am 12/05/07 9:45am

If It's Not a Scottish Popemobile, It's Crap!

Contrary to some folks' misconception, there was not only one Popemobile during John Paul's post-assasination-attempt reign. Much like the Duke boys didn't have one General Lee, Michael Knight rolled in more than one KITT, and Colt Seavers' truck sometimes switched between Chevrolet and GMC badging during the course of … » 7/21/06 5:00pm 7/21/06 5:00pm