If It's Not a Scottish Popemobile, It's Crap!

Contrary to some folks' misconception, there was not only one Popemobile during John Paul's post-assasination-attempt reign. Much like the Duke boys didn't have one General Lee, Michael Knight rolled in more than one KITT, and Colt Seavers' truck sometimes switched between Chevrolet and GMC badging during the course… » 7/21/06 5:00pm 7/21/06 5:00pm

Piety is Job 1: Pope John Paul II's Escort Up For Auction

Unlike high-rollin' Ratzenberger Ratzinger with his BMW-donated X5, Pope John Paul II's non-Popemobile Popemobile was a humble Ford Escort. Bought for $102,000 a decade ago by an Illinois restauranteur, the four-door Ford's for sale again, and is expected to sell for between two and five million smackeroos when it… » 10/13/05 4:48pm 10/13/05 4:48pm