Pope Benedict XVI quit earlier today. He's the first Pope to quit in 600 or so years. He's also the first Pope to quit that has access to a Popemobile. So what happens to that armored Mercedes?

The last Pope to resign was Gregory XII in 1415. As far as I know, he did not ride around in an armored Mercedes, and thus didn't get to find out what would happen to the ride once he resigned.


But Benedict's resignation is a first in this era of gas powered transit. Common sense would say that the Mercedes would be passed right on to the next Pope. But common sense isn't really all that much fun. 

So what do you think happens to it? Will Benedict form a family band (Benedict and the Jets?) and rove around Europe? Will he live in a Popemobile down by the river? Or does he get to do a few celebratory donuts around the obelisk and then has to pass it on to his successor? 

I'm going with family band.