Pope Francis’ Fiat Mobbed In Rio After Driver Takes Wrong Turn

Noted beater aficionado Pope Francis is hanging out in Brazil at the moment, and Brazilians are really excited to see him. Like, really really excited. So much so that the poor Pope's car got mobbed when his driver went down the wrong lane.


The Associated Press reports that the Pope was riding from the airport to the city center when the Fiat inadvertently turned into the wrong side of a 12-lane Avenida Presidente Vargas, taking the car from a clear lane into one full of traffic.

That's when "thousands of faithful" who had lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the pontiff then rushed the car, the AP says.

But it's all good! Pope Francis knows how to keep it cool, so he reached his hand out the window to wave hello to his flock with a smile on his face. Later, the Pope took a ride through Rio in his famed open-air vehicle, but did so without any security present.

Pope Francis, everybody. Guy seems pretty alright to me.


Photos credit AP

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