A Rave in The Vault at The Petersen Museum Would Look Sorta Like This

As I awkwardly jogged around the darkened basement of The Petersen Automotive Museum, arms outstretched, gripping a very homemade LED strip apparatus, battery pack slung across my chest, doing laps around priceless metal in 25-second shutter intervals, while a handful of technicians and museum personnel looked on, I… »6/11/15 10:32am6/11/15 10:32am


Petersen Tried To Auction Hot Rod Without Mentioning It Was A Replica

The Petersen has been in the news a lot lately, and while there’s many opinions about selling part of their collection, it’s a safe bet that everyone agrees that descriptions of the cars to be auctioned should be accurate. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case with the hot rod called the Boothill Express. »7/30/13 2:51pm7/30/13 2:51pm

Why Is The Petersen Selling Part Of Its Collection A Big Deal?

Last week, we reported on the Petersen Museum selling off part of its collection to raise funds for a major upgrade program to the museum and its facilities. While I took issue with the way an LA Times story portrayed the direction of the museum, a follow-up article about the ethics of the sales brings up some valid… »7/24/13 10:20am7/24/13 10:20am

The Petersen Is Selling Hot Rods To Buy Motorcycles And French Cars

In an unexpected move, Los Angeles' Petersen Automotive Museum is undertaking a pretty dramatic change of direction, selling off about a third of its collection to make improvements and renovations. That's not the unexpected part. The unexpected part is that the museum will now focus more on motorcycles and… »7/17/13 2:51pm7/17/13 2:51pm

The Unbelievably Amazing Hidden Cars Of The Petersen Museum Vault: Part 1

I'd been in the Petersen Automotive Museum's basement once before, many years ago, illegally, and thanks to an old Volvo P1800 key that magically fit in an elevator. But that was in the dark, and avoiding the gaze of a security guard. So when I got the chance to get a real tour of the vault, I was pretty excited,… »3/08/13 12:00pm3/08/13 12:00pm

If You're In Los Angeles This Month You Have To Go To The Petersen Museum

The Petersen Museum is a gem for car lovers, preserving and displaying some of the world's most important and interesting cars. Below the museum is "the vault" a.k.a. the Fort Knox of the automotive world. It's where they hide the collection's fascinating mobile artifacts in between exhibits and store cars they don't… »12/17/12 5:20pm12/17/12 5:20pm