Rita Hayworth's 1953 Cadillac Ghia Is The Essence Of Classiness

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Ghia only built two Cadillac Coupes based on the '53 chassis, and the amazing Petersen Museum happens to own one of them. It doesn't get more L.A. than this.


Legend has it that the car was purchased by Prince Aly Khan for Rita Hayworth in an attempt to get her back after their breakup. The reunion never happened, but the era's most famous redhead still managed to get her car, which was white in the early years. Ghia also made a blue one that ended up on the cover of Road & Track in 1955.


After going through numerous hands in the following decades, it became part of the Petersen Collection, where it got restored to a Concourse-winning condition with a brand new brown paint job that enhanced Ghia's stunning lines.

What can I say?

You just have to take your kids to the Petersen Museum. They'll make you stay for a while.

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