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If You're In Los Angeles This Month You Have To Go To The Petersen Museum

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The Petersen Museum is a gem for car lovers, preserving and displaying some of the world's most important and interesting cars. Below the museum is "the vault" a.k.a. the Fort Knox of the automotive world. It's where they hide the collection's fascinating mobile artifacts in between exhibits and store cars they don't know what to do with. Now you can access what only a select few have ever seen.


To be fair, if you're a journalist or well-connected you can get into the basement. I've done it, and came back with the story of Elvis and his fatly Pantera. Our own Jason Torchinsky went there on a date, but that was before they fixed the locks.


For the next moth, approximately, you simple and unimportant citizen can get in there without knowing someone or having a magical old Volvo P1800 key. For an additional ticket purchase of $25 they're offering a guided tour of the vault between December 15th and January 6th.

The 150-or-so cars on display include a Ferrari given to Henry Ford II by Enzo Ferrari, Steve McQueen's Jaguar XKSS, and more vintage Bugattis than you'll see outside of a Concours. They may also have Saddam Hussein's personal car.

The price is steep but it's entirely worth it.

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Rob Emslie

I used to work in the office building across the street from the Peterson, in fact my balcony - yes, the offices have balconies - overlooked it. One day we had a paper airplane contest in my office, in which most of the contestant's flying machines spiraled down to Fairfax below. One however made it not just across the four lanes, but safely to the top of the Peterson where it glided gently to a stop next to the roof-top meeting room. Good times.

Also, if any of you do go to see the Peterson right now, check out the Gangster Squad movie display and the inky black 1950 Jaguar XK120 that's both in the movie and currently on display at the Peterson. That one's ours.