You Are Not Getting A Ford GT

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Over 6,500 people have submitted applications to Ford begging for a new Ford GT. Cute, but none of you are getting a Ford GT.

Ford is only going to produce 500 new GTs (and maybe some special editions later), and to get one you have to prove you matter to the automaker. It probably helps if you already own a GT, or some other special Ford vehicle, or are a charitable contributor, or a parts-supplier, maybe a stockholder, etc.

You also have to be able to afford the $400,000+ MSRP.

According to a press release by Ford, hundreds of applications featured videos:

Creative applicants featured children, lighting effects, racing footage, revving engines, garage tours and life stories to show why they should own the all-new Ford GT.



Well, good luck, and let us know if you get one!

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Which is exactly why I give 0 F***s about the car. It’s a great, awesome car...99% of which will probably end up never being driven and just collected. It’s so out of my price range I can’t even consider lusting over one.