Why Everyone Is Going Nuts Over A New Ford GT: An Explainer

If you’re unfamiliar with Ford’s history at Le Mans, you may be wondering why we care so much about a new Ford GT. We don’t soil ourselves over any other GTE-class racers, so why does this one matter? Sure, the top P1 class is nice, but GTE puts Ford directly up against their extremely bitter old rival: Ferrari.

The Ford GT And Ferrari 488 Teams Were Sandbagging Before Le Mans After All

For the first time in recent history, 24 Hours of Le Mans race organizers have forced several cars to adjust their weight and other specs just ahead of the big event to try and even the playing field. That means the blisteringly quick Ford GT and Ferrari 488 teams weren’t showing their true pace before qualifying…


The New Ford GT Scores Its First Win As Bald Eagles Shed Tears Of Joy

Let us forever celebrate May Day as the day the Ford GT officially came back with its first victory at this weekend’s IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship race at Laguna Seca—with a Ferrari 488 GTE coming in second, no less. Prepare your face, Le Mans: America’s newest and most radical supercar finally won.