Guy Who Crashed Bugatti Into Lake Selling A Salvage Ford GT With A Ripoff Livery For $1 Million

Remember the infamous “Pretty sure that’s a Lambo, dude” incident where the guy crashed a Bugatti Veyron into a lake? Of course you do, good times! Well he’s back, and he’s selling a car. A $1 million car, that basically has one of Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo’s original liveries on it, too. Sort of. Kind of. Almost.… »11/12/15 4:49pm11/12/15 4:49pm


Here's The New Ford GT Mule Just Cruising Around Detroit, No Big Deal

In some parts of the country, like California, the really hot and cold states, or Michigan, you may just get lucky when you’re out driving and spot a mule. Most of the time they’re pretty boring — new sedans, new trucks, new crossovers, etc. I saw a Bentley Bentayga mule on may way to San Francisco last week. But one… »8/21/15 4:48pm8/21/15 4:48pm

Peak Retrofuturism and the Man Responsible for the Ford GT

The retrofuturism movement among American car companies in the early 2000s spawned some truly awful looking cars, chief among them was of course the Chrysler PT Cruiser. The PT Cruiser, and by extension the Chevy HHR, became the wayback machines of choice for boomers desperately looking for any way to relive their… »8/19/15 5:59pm8/19/15 5:59pm

The Sound Of The Ford GT Race Car Will Make You Crap Bald Eagles

If you’re already amped about the new Ford GT race car and America’s glorious return to the Le Mans race, this video will turn your brain into a bicep while making your blood run red, white and blue. Uh, in a good way. If you haven’t seen the car... just hold on to your butts and push play. »6/12/15 9:48am6/12/15 9:48am

This Is The Ford GT Race Car That Wants To Dominate Le Mans

It’s virtually impossible to mention the Ford GT, or its predecessor, the Ford GT40, without mentioning the monumental achievement that is Le Mans. The original GT40 racer was thrown down as a gauntlet against Ferrari. This new Ford GT race car is being thrown down as an in-your-face challenge to the entire world. »6/12/15 9:07am6/12/15 9:07am

A Rave in The Vault at The Petersen Museum Would Look Sorta Like This

As I awkwardly jogged around the darkened basement of The Petersen Automotive Museum, arms outstretched, gripping a very homemade LED strip apparatus, battery pack slung across my chest, doing laps around priceless metal in 25-second shutter intervals, while a handful of technicians and museum personnel looked on, I… »6/11/15 10:32am6/11/15 10:32am