Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: Opel GT Batmobile For $9000?

An astonishing 93% of you felt that paying $200,000 for an '81 Buick Regal with the Gale Banks prototype turbo V6 »11/10/08 8:00am11/10/08 8:00am would require a trip to Booth Number Two for the crack pipe. Today's contestant sold for far less, and we could see how driving it would be pretty damn fun… but nine grand? That's how much the winning…

Opel GT: No Room For Your Strudel-Fed Butt, Old Man!

Opel's German marketers apparently figured that the German target market for the GT had to be skinny Teutonic Manson Family followers »11/03/08 3:00pm11/03/08 3:00pm, so it made sense to show how fat, well-heeled, vaguely perved-out old car geeks would be kept away from the GT by its sporty small size. Here we see a grizzled Stalingrad survivor,…

French Auto Journalist Killed During Opel GT Press Drive

It could have been any of us hacks, behind the wheel of an unfamiliar car on a picturesque but potentially treacherous road, possibly poking at the limits of adhesion so we might return a colorful review that conveys the experience poignantly. But it was French automotive journalist Michel Barelli who was killed this… »1/29/07 4:03pm1/29/07 4:03pm