Last Chance for 2007 Land Speed Record Tires

From a tiny karting carcass to a huge slick designed to go from a standing start to 300 plus miles per hour in under five seconds, tires are a crucial part of any racing machine. Tires are of particular concern on LSR monsters - especially those of the wheel-driven variety. Streamliners moving into and beyond the 300… » 4/18/07 3:30pm 4/18/07 3:30pm

Epic LUVliness - Mickey Thompson Tuned Baja Runner

Oh Baja LUV, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: One, for the eleven inches of suspension travel. Two, for the six hundred horsepower aluminum 454 powering your frenzied travels. Three, for the holy-crap-this-is-batship-crazy nature of your existence. Yes, in 1975 Mickey Thompson and son Danny thought it right… » 2/01/07 2:00pm 2/01/07 2:00pm

Verdict Reached Re: Mickey Thompson Murders, Appeal Imminent

This case has been brewing for sixteen years and today, a jury has finally come down with its decision. Supercross godfather Mike Goodwin has been found guilty for the deaths of Mickey and Trudy Thompson. The jury also agreed with the special circumstance charges of lying in wait and multiple murder, although the… » 1/04/07 7:00pm 1/04/07 7:00pm

Large Mickey Thompson-Murder Enchilada

Mickey Thompson, of course, was one of the greatest legends of Western-US motorsports. He ran Indy, Bonneville and Baja. He built cars with too many engines. He invented Pope-protection-worthy anti-car barriers. He founded SCORE. And then he went into business with Mike Goodwin, inventor of Supercross, and wound up… » 11/09/06 8:45pm 11/09/06 8:45pm