Ridiculous Drool-Worthy Lamborghini Could Sell For Ridiculous $2 Million

That's a ridiculous amount of money, not a ridiculous amount of drool. Though the latter would totally be forgiven, as this is an incredibly rare Lamborghini Miura SV Jota. How rare? Well the total number of Lamborghini Miuras comes out to somewhere around 740. And only somewhere around five bore the name Miura SV… » 1/05/15 10:38am 1/05/15 10:38am

What You Learn Driving The Countach And Miura Back To Back

There are Lamborghinis, and then there are these Lamborghinis: the Miura and the Countach. The first was a beautiful work of art, the world's first modern supercar; the second was a brutal, violent machine, and the ultimate "poster car" for an entire generation of enthusiasts. » 8/19/14 12:00pm 8/19/14 12:00pm

Your Ridiculously Awesome Lamborghini Miura Wallpaper Is Here

The Lamborghini Miura is an icon, and not just because it's pretty. It's an icon because of the revolution that is ignited. It can be argued that the Miura is the first showroom-ready supercar, with its engine in the middle. And it looks fantastic in blue. » 1/04/14 5:54pm 1/04/14 5:54pm

Getting To Drive Your Miura SV After 40 Years Is Very Special

The Reunion is a wonderful short movie about Gianfranco Innocenti (yes, that Innocenti!) getting reunited with his long gone black Lamborghini Miura SV which used to accommodate him, his friend, and two ladies forty years ago. Yes, it must have been tight. » 9/05/13 1:20pm 9/05/13 1:20pm

Jerry Seinfeld And Chris Rock In A Lambo Miura Is Comedy Perfection

The Lamborghini Miura is one of the greatest cars of all time. Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld are some of the funniest people of all time. Put them together and you have the formula for the best episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee yet. » 7/18/13 1:15pm 7/18/13 1:15pm

Even The Lamborghini Miura's Tires Scream Speed

This 1972 car did not win any prize at the Concorso. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a spectacular sight. Being one of the only two Miuras painted azzurro cielo and sporting a pelle bleu interior, this SV left the factory on the 14th of July, 1972, and headed to Lamborghini Great Britain. » 5/29/13 4:40pm 5/29/13 4:40pm

Watch 50 Years Of V12 Lamborghinis Explained In 24 Minutes

Evo's Editior-in-chief Harry Metcalfe is a proud owner of a Lamborghini Countach QV, so it's only natural he took part in the 50th anniversary celebration tour with it across Italy. Enjoy the newest episode of Evo Diaries. » 5/29/13 1:20pm 5/29/13 1:20pm

The Lamborghini Miura SV Destroyed By Fire Will Live To Drive Again

This is a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV with a built-in fire extinguisher under the lucky passenger's legs, as it should be with every Italian supercar. But not all SVs have the last line of defense. » 5/28/13 1:15pm 5/28/13 1:15pm

How The Lamborghini Miura Changed The Supercar Game Forever

As Lamborghini celebrates 50 years of motoring insanity this week, now seems like an appropriate time to look back on what may have been their most important car. It's the Lamborghini that redefined what an automobile could do and created the modern supercar archetype as we know it. » 4/27/13 12:00pm 4/27/13 12:00pm

This Video Of A Flaming Lamborghini Miura SV Is The Saddest Thing…

Remember when Raphael got to hang out with the Lamborghini Miura, one of the most beautiful cars ever made? You're about to see one go up on smoke. Before you watch this, you may want to send the children, the elderly and other sensitive people into another room. This bound to upset them. » 4/06/13 10:37am 4/06/13 10:37am

Seinfeld Gets To Drive The Most Beautiful Car Ever Made

This is a 1969 Lamborghini Miura S, often named the most beautiful car ever made. I spent two hours with it, before it went (of course) to Jerry Seinfeld. » 4/02/13 6:50pm 4/02/13 6:50pm

The 'Greek Elvis' Left This Rare Lamborghini In A Hotel Parking Lot For…

You probably know Aristotle Onassis for marrying your favorite presidential widow, Jacqueline. As a guy who had more money than his native country has today, he also financed the construction of the Olympic Tower on 5th Avenue, while enjoying the best music Greece could offer in the seventies. In fact, he was so… » 12/06/12 4:00pm 12/06/12 4:00pm

Seeing A Lamborghini Miura In This Sad Condition Is Heartrending

A Jalopnik reader spotted this bruised up Lamborghini Miura in London. What happened to it is anyone's guess, but he thinks it may have fallen prey to recent flooding in England. » 12/05/12 1:40pm 12/05/12 1:40pm

The Supercar’s New Clothes

We love our supercars to death. We obsess over their top speeds and great power. But what is it like to actually use one? Over 500 miles of European motorway, we discover an inconvenient truth. » 7/04/12 1:00pm 7/04/12 1:00pm

How to Sell Hyundais With a Lamborghini Miura

Director Wes Anderson was recently hired by Hyundai to create a series of ads for their new Azera sedan. If you like Anderson’s baroque, oddly retro style, you’ll love these. » 3/05/12 4:00pm 3/05/12 4:00pm

The Lamborghini Miura like you’ve never seen it

Wedges may have replaced curves when it comes to supercar design, but seriously, will the Miura ever look not awesome? Never. I love the Japanese-style fender-mounted rearview mirrors on this particular example. » 7/15/11 2:30pm 7/15/11 2:30pm

Feast your ears on twelve glorious V12 engine start-ups

There's nothing like firing up a naked V12, unencumbered by sheetmetal. Here are 12 ear-stroking specimens, starting with a tiny, hand-built V12; 87cc's worth of air-cooled miraculousness. German hobbyist Ralf Drendel created this tiny masterwork just because he could. » 2/01/11 2:45pm 2/01/11 2:45pm

The Bulls Ferruccio Lamborghini Named The Miura After

Namesake for not only the eponymous 1966 supercar but most Lamborghinis, noted by Hemingway and countless dead matadors, these are the cunning, ferocious Miura bulls of Andalusia. » 12/27/10 2:30pm 12/27/10 2:30pm