The FV Frangivento Sorpasso Is The Supercar Du Jour

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The FV Frangivento Sorpasso Stradale is a hearty dish, not for delicate palates. The thin al dente noodles are made with much more egg yolk than normal pasta, making it an exceptionally rich base. The dish is then topped with butter, olive oil, several handfuls of parmigiano reggiano, and shavings of fresh white truffle. It’s decadent. The flavors linger on the tongue for hours. You’ll remember this one forever.


No wait, I’m reading the wrong thing. I guess it’s actually a supercar? Oh, yeah, it’s probably the thing pictured here. Wow, what an uggo! The designers just didn’t know when to stop, did they? There’s a bit of C8 Corvette mixed with some McLaren number number number letter letter and a little Ferrari in there, too. None of those elements look particularly good on the cars they came from, so mixing them all up together doesn’t make it look any better. According to Top Gear, the designer of the car claims it was influenced by the Ferrari Dino and Lamborghini Miura, but I just don’t see it.

Image: FV Frangivento

The Franzia Sopressatta will be available in to different variants; the Stradale and the GTXX. Both are powered by a V10 engine putting power to all four wheels. The Stradale (pictured here) will provide 602 naturally aspirated horsepower, while the GTXX will have race car inspired aero and 799 horsepower from the same V10 with a supercharger slung on top. Allegedly both will be road legal.

FV is aiming for a weight in the 1300 kilos realm for both Stradale and GTXX varietals with lots of carbon fiber used throughout. The quicker GTXX is claimed to do 0-60 in under 3 seconds, and continue on to a top speed of 214 miles per hour.

Image: FV Frangivento

In case you thought this was vaporware—I know I did—FV claims the first two cars will be delivered to owners by June from its Turin facility, and any new orders will be built and delivered within 150 days. This statement has me asking a lot of questions already answered by the statement.


Honestly, I’d rather have the pasta dish.

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Romeo Reject

I don’t hate it.

  • Naturally aspirated motor option? Check.
  • Focus on lightness and simplicity? Check.
  • Unique modern V10 engine pick? Checkity check.

Sure, it’s almost as ugly as the Cybertruck (Almost), but the rest of the car sounds too amazing to be fussed about that.