How To Survive A Wilderness Motorcycling Adventure

Jalopnik alum, skinny-jeans model and human medical experiment Wes Siler has a new YouTube show, chronicling his motorcycling adventures with fellow motoist Grant Ray. In the inaugural episode, they take a KTM 990 Adventure and a Yamaha Super Ténéré deep into the Angeles National Forest. » 4/10/12 3:30pm 4/10/12 3:30pm

Monorail KTM X-Bow Is Inefficient Means of Public Transportation

The KTM X-Bow » 9/29/08 5:00pm 9/29/08 5:00pm is just beginning to reach customers in Europe and, predictably, one of the first has already gone and crashed it. According to , the driver “skidded on two wheels” before mounting a crash barrier at the Nurburgring. Well, if you’re going to total your $70,000, 237 HP Austrian trackday special, we can…

Jetstream SC250 Guaranteed To Drive Better Than It Looks

The Jetstream SC250 may look like a bad Chinese knock-off of a KTM X-Bow, but it actually sounds quite promising. Weighing in at just 1540 pounds, the little Brit gets plenty of grunt thanks to a 2.0-liter turbocharged General Motors four-banger channeled through a six-speed gearbox. The 250 HP and 236 lb-ft push the… » 8/22/08 12:30pm 8/22/08 12:30pm

VW, KTM Motorcycle Partnership Rumors Swirling, Could Result In…

Rumor has it that Volkswagen is in talks with KTM about partnering up to produce VW brand motorcycles. For you car folks, KTM is an Austrian firm known for its race-ready dirt and street bikes - think Ducati but with less of the pretense and more of the color orange. As the rumor has it, this could even result in… » 5/14/08 4:00pm 5/14/08 4:00pm

Geneva Showcase: The KTM X-Bow

Hey, kids, it's the KTM X-Bow. Let's go say hi. Sure, the little roadster is just as we pictured it. Compact, busy, and with just enough amusement-park frivolousness to make us wish we were either eight years old or luxuriating in an fortune derived from someone else's sweat. (Both wouldn't be bad.) KTM says it's… » 3/07/07 4:48am 3/07/07 4:48am