Here's How You Service And Repair An Original Hummer

When you own an original Hummer, you get a lot of questions. Why is it so big? Why do you need a vehicle like this? Do you have any regard for the environment? Are you a complete idiot? Well today, you’re in for a treat, because I’ve decided to ignore all of these pressing issues and instead tell you how I get my… »8/19/15 2:23pm8/19/15 2:23pm

More Evidence Points To Hummer Sale; Russians, Chinese Interested?

More evidence is emerging that GM is moving quickly to solve its Hummer problem. The Detroit Free Press reports today on John Voss, a Dayton-area dealer who purchased a Hummer franchise in April, who says that GM offered to refund his money. "They have three choices and they said they want to make this decision very… »6/19/08 12:15pm6/19/08 12:15pm