IndyCar's Helio Castroneves Would Like To Remind Us All To Be On Time

Poor Helio received a lesson in punctuality today. Because he missed getting in line in time for tech and qualifying, he’ll have to start from the back of the field for today’s IndyCar race at the Milwaukee Mile. According to NBC’s Kevin Lee, the team was confused about the schedule, causing the screw-up.
»7/12/15 6:53pm7/12/15 6:53pm


Watch Tony Kanaan's Indy Car fly over Helio Castroneves, Dukes of Hazzard-style

Helio Castroneves was braking hard into a turn during practice for this weekend's debut of the Baltimore Grand Prix when, out of nowhere, Tony Kanaan went flying over Helio's car and into he wall. Kanaan would later blame a stuck throttle, but after shotgunning five seasons of The Wire in one week we're suspicious. »9/06/11 8:45am9/06/11 8:45am

Helio Castroneves Indicted On Tax Evasion; Charges Against More Drivers To Come?

Brazilian race car driver and Dancing With The Stars »10/03/08 10:00am10/03/08 10:00am winner is staring down charges he evaded taxes on more than $5 million in income over a four-year period. The 33-year-old two-time winner is expected to turn himself in to authorities today, along with his sister Kati and his lawyer, Alan Miller, both accused of…

Penske Indy Racing Sees Spares Go Up In Race Car Flambe

In a terrible blow for the Penske Racing team, two of their cars and loads of equipment were lost in a freak trailer fire in transit between race venues. The trailer is believed to have caught fire as a result of a wheel bearing failure and gotten out of control after the drivers where unable to put the blaze out with… »8/21/08 5:23pm8/21/08 5:23pm

Helio Castroneves Considering Move To NASCAR, Pretending To Bang More Dancers

Helio Castroneves, IndyCar driver and man with some magic feet has told the Los Angeles Times that he is considering making the big move to NASCAR. Castroneves is a two-time Indy 500 winner and regarded as one of the more popular, and well known, IndyCar drivers. If Castroneves does make the move, he will join the… »5/21/08 2:00pm5/21/08 2:00pm

IRL Racer, Dancing With The Stars Champ Ditches Wife for Dance Partner

Here's just one of the reasons why we'd never make it as a professional racer: Helio Castroneves wins back-to-back Indy 500's and stays with his hottish young wife fiance. Helio Castroneves wins Dancing With The Stars and leaves young wife fiance for even younger 19-year-old dance instructor. This according to the… »12/11/07 10:15am12/11/07 10:15am

Helio Castroneves Shimmies FTW On Dancing With The Stars, Shows Off New-Look IRL Uniform?

We're fairly certain the gold lamé race track suit-inspired uni Helio Castroneves was wearing in his little freestyle dance the night before last wasn't made of Proban or Nomex. And thank goodness — if it was, we feel we might have had to endure an entire IRL season of the Brazilian donning the suit for every race in… »11/28/07 7:30am11/28/07 7:30am