You Can Buy The Only Example Of GTA V's Banshee In Existence (Again)

What happens when a game gets so popular that the company that created it wants to make a life-sized replica of one of its most iconic cars? It gets built by West Coast Customs, given to a middle-aged mom, then put on eBay. Twice. And you can now buy it, proving that lightning doesn't just strike once. » 3/08/15 3:01pm 3/08/15 3:01pm

A Roadside Gold Heist Took Place An Hour From My House

It may not be as real as Ballaban's Kebab-guy joining ISIS, but an armed roadside gold heist took place earlier this week in Wilson, North Carolina - which is just an hour away from my house. It is, quite literally, highway robbery. » 3/06/15 7:55pm 3/06/15 7:55pm

GTA V’s Car Crashes Are Almost Too Realistic

I've always gone looking for trouble in GTA games. When Grand Theft Auto III first came out, my friends and I would get together and take turns going on rampages—competing to see who could survive the longest against the cops. With the new version of GTA V out, I've found another way to test myself: by going in search… » 2/11/15 4:21pm 2/11/15 4:21pm

GTA V's San Andreas vs 2004's San Andreas

We've seen charts, and galleries from the street, but it's only when you see the size of the game world in both GTA titles laid bare that you start to appreciate a few things you might have otherwise missed. » 1/20/15 7:20am 1/20/15 7:20am

Walmart Thieves Steal Barbie Car, Using Fake Heart Attack as a Diversion

Two men walked into a Lake Wales, Fla. Walmart store last week and loaded up a cart with hundreds of dollars worth of toys, then one of them took off with the goods while the other faked a heart attack to create a diversion. They would have gotten away with the heist, too, if the store had been miraculously devoid of… » 12/18/14 12:45pm 12/18/14 12:45pm

Yes, You Should Play The New Version Of GTA V

This week, Rockstar is re-releasing Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and Xbox One. The new version, which also comes to PC in January, has better graphics, new music, and a new first-person mode. You can now play the the bulk of the game—shooting, driving, skydiving, sexing—in first-person. » 11/17/14 10:39am 11/17/14 10:39am

GTA V's First-Person Driving in Chaotic GIFs

First-person shooting and driving are coming to Grand Theft Auto V with the game's re-release. And if these GIFs are anything to go by, it's going to be great. » 11/14/14 7:56am 11/14/14 7:56am

You Can Play Grand Theft Auto V In First-Person On PC/PS4/Xbox One

It was rumored before, but this is still sort of surreal to write: the upcoming current-gen remake of Grand Theft Auto V will have a first-person mode. » 11/04/14 4:00pm 11/04/14 4:00pm

Florida Tween, Arrested for Stealing School Bus, Steals Another Bus

Less than a day after he appeared in court for stealing a school bus, a Parker, Fla. 12-year-old allegedly stole a different bus and took it for a two-hour joyride. » 7/17/14 4:28pm 7/17/14 4:28pm

A Chat With GTA Online's Notorious Motorcycle Club

Earlier this week, we wrote about the Reaper Lords—a fascinating crew with hundreds of members that roam the streets of GTA Online. We told you all about their love of motorcycles, their intense rules, their dress code, and their curious social media presence. Today, you get to hear from an actual Reaper Lord. » 7/10/14 6:44pm 7/10/14 6:44pm

Inside The World of GTA Online's Intense Biker Gangs

Of course people playing GTA Online have formed digital gangs—the "crews" feature, which allows everyone to assign special roles and ranks within a group, is practically built for this. But damn, some people take crews in GTA Online really seriously. » 7/07/14 6:11pm 7/07/14 6:11pm

Celebrate July 4th With Monster Trucks & Violence In Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games is dropping an "Independence Day Special" for Grand Theft Auto V Online in which you'll be able to download a red white and blue monster truck and motorcycle and blow stuff up with muskets and rocket launchers. U-S-A! U-S-A! » 7/03/14 9:21am 7/03/14 9:21am

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing the Makers of Grand Theft Auto

The actress best known for her controversy-filled personal and professional lives has claimed before that Rockstar Games based a character in Grand Theft Auto V on her, without permission. And now she's suing them. » 7/02/14 1:26pm 7/02/14 1:26pm

Grand Theft Auto V Update Gives You All The Cars You Really Want

Every day, or maybe every day, or possibly never, we are flooded by emails from readers. "Please, oh please, can I get an original 1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R in my Grand Theft Auto V," they all say. Worry no longer, as a big free update just gave us all the tasteful cars we always wanted. » 6/17/14 8:26am 6/17/14 8:26am

Now You Can Own The Real-Life Grand Theft Auto Banshee

I always cheered when I, um, appropriated a Banshee sports car in the Grand Theft Auto games. Nothing gets you to your next heist faster! West Coast Customs liked it so much they made a real one, and now it can be yours too. » 6/02/14 10:26am 6/02/14 10:26am

These beautiful landscape pictures were taken in Grand Theft Auto

Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé spends hours looking for the right place, the right light and the right moment to take his beautiful landscape pictures without having to leave his apartment. He just wanders around, waiting for the perfect snapshot, in Grand Theft Auto. » 5/05/14 12:07pm 5/05/14 12:07pm

The Mega Exotic Cars Of Monaco Are Ripped Out Of Grand Theft Auto

Cars in Monaco are crazy. Old school Ferraris and Lamborghinis are so common they don't even deserve a second glance. But then there are other cars. Cars that look animated. And it's because they basically appear to be taken straight from Grand Theft Auto. » 3/17/14 2:20pm 3/17/14 2:20pm

​Very Pretty GTA V Pictures Make for a Super-Depressing Letter

You thought the stories you play through in Michael, Franklin and Trevor's lives in Grand Theft Auto V were grim, didn't you? Well, you haven't met Sarah yet. And, guys, I don't think she's built for life in Los Santos. » 1/31/14 3:06pm 1/31/14 3:06pm

Paralyzed Florida Man Boosts Pontiac From Sales Lot, Out-Drives Cops

Shamal Battice can really book it. Through three Florida counties. With no feeling below the waist and a cane on the gas pedal of a stolen G6. Too bad he didn't go for a more fuel-efficient model, though. » 1/30/14 3:37pm 1/30/14 3:37pm

Seemingly Impossible GTA V Stunts

The following words appear at the end of an incredible new video filled with four minutes of amazing Grand Theft Auto V bike, car and plane: "No cheats or mods were used to perform the stunts". Wow. » 12/26/13 4:18pm 12/26/13 4:18pm