When Argentina ruled the Nürburgring

There are two great moments in Argentine motoring history centered around the Nürburgring and then there’s a third, a fourth-place finish at a race you’ve never heard of. Of course it’s the latter that’s the pride and joy of Argentine car enthusiasts: the story of the Torinos at the 1969 Nürburgring 84 Hours. » 8/03/11 3:00pm 8/03/11 3:00pm

1972 Lancia Fulvia 1600HF Down On The London Street

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. All-British DOTSBE vehicles so far today, but an Italian car in Britain should fit in. » 11/15/09 9:00pm 11/15/09 9:00pm

Saab 95 Survives San Francisco Streets, Plus Bonus Lancia

When WhatWouldJesseDo isn't working on his Datsun 411, Mini, Puma GT, or the Black Metal V8olvo, he's doing his day job across the Bay in San Francisco. That's a city in which most street-parked cars get scraped, bumped, and dinged with depressing regularity, yet plenty of cool old machinery still thrives on its… » 5/16/08 3:40pm 5/16/08 3:40pm

New Fulvia to Happen in Frankfurt?

We once spent 30 hours living like Tom Hanks in The Terminal at Frankfurt International when we would've rather been tooling around the city in a Lancia Fulvia with Katarina Witt, Goethe or Felix Frankfurter. According to the boys at the road with minimal straightaways, Lancia may be debuting a new, production Fulvia… » 3/16/07 5:15pm 3/16/07 5:15pm

Luscious Lancia: The Fulvia HF

There are few front-drive machines that inspire bouts of uncontrollable lust in Los Jalops. O.G. Minis, Citro n Traction Avants, GMC Motorhomes and 2nd Gen CRX Sis are a few of them. But one that's often overlooked in the department of the Select Group of Truly Badass Front-Drivers is the Lancia Fulvia HF. Mini-ponycar … » 3/03/07 8:45pm 3/03/07 8:45pm